Why should you invite people to networking events?

As the owner of a membership business networking company it could be said that, of course I want members to bring along people who might become members, and that is true. So why should members do this? As a networker we all want to be the person who people come to when they need some product or service, someone who people see as someone who knows people. Why? Because if someone asks me if I know a plumber, they are also going to ask me about my networking if they decide they want to review the networking they do. I recommend all types of networking to all types of people and, while I hope they will choose my company when they decide on a membership type of commitment, I accept that my type of networking, relaxed, informal, but business-focussed with no pressure, is not for everyone. Some people need a formal style and pressure, while others need a less structured approach, to get the most from their networking.

One of my Group Directors (GDs) told me that, when they network outside of ebn, they talk very briefly about their own business and ask instead “What other networking do you do?” This means they get to hear of other networking which they might not know about, and also means that they can talk about ebn and offer an invitation. Why should they do this? Because if the invitation is accepted and the visitor attends, the GD can then talk about their business as part of the meeting and surrounded by people who have used their services and who can recommend them. Since it is always better for others to say good things about your business, rather than you (The “You would say that wouldn’t you” syndrome) the trust is build a little quicker.

Another reason why we should all invite people to good networking events is that this helps build the relationship. If you tell me about an event, I attend and have a productive time there, I think more highly of you, the business relationship becomes stronger and who knows where that might lead for both of our businesses. If we attend a network event together we might spend some time together, particularly if this is a relatively new business relationship, but we shouldn’t stay together. We are there to meet others. It might be that I introduce you to someone with whom there might be a synergy between your businesses. If we find we have lots more to say then we should arrange a date to have a coffee sometime. 

So invite people to good networking events, the organisers will thank you (another benefit) and so might the person you invite.

If you want more networking tips go to: https://blog.ebn.uk.com/tips-on-networking.html

Have fun.

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