Month: December 2021

There is enough success to go round.

Recently I was at a meeting with someone, and I asked if anyone he knew from his category might be interested in attending one of our Groups. His reply was that he would have a think and let me know. I have to say that I had been a little hesitant because, on paper, who I wanted to be introduced to could be seen as his competitor and I was not sure how he would react to that. As you may know I believe I don’t have competitors, but I know not everyone thinks like me.

I told him of my hesitancy, and he said: “Not a problem…there is enough success to go round”. I love this sentiment and for me it shows the business owner:

  1. has confidence in their product or service,
  2. accepts that people choose from people, and so there is sometimes not a fit with the potential customer and the potential supplier,
  3. that there is enough success to go round.

What does that mean?

1. If you think a potential customer will choose another supplier because their product is better in some way, then ask yourself two questions:

  • Do you want to compete with them? They may have been chosen on price. Do you want to, or are you able to reduce your prices? If the answers to these questions are “Yes” to both then why were you charging what you are currently charging? I have never, in any of my companies been the cheapest on the market, nor did I want to be. Usually I was mid-market, always with top class service.
  • Also ask yourself do you want to deal with people who are only interested in lowest price? If you agree a lower price with them then they may ask for even cheaper next time…do you want to chance this? Are you proud of your product or service? Then look for customers who see the value in what you offer.

2. We humans are unique and wonderful, and we know instinctively whether we like, or don’t like, in another human. As business owners, and as humans, we have to accept that this happens and so even if you and I, on paper, provide the same service or product, some people will like you more than me and so will want to work with you.

The reality of business is to focus on your product or service, benchmark with other, similar, companies—that’s good practice—but take your business forward with confidence and pride. After all there’s enough success to go round.

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Have fun