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Bringing Businesses Together

Effective Business Network: structured face-to-face networking without the pressures!

Effective Business Network (ebn) is relaxed and informal, but business focused.

There are no referral pressure points! The success rates of the Group Members are a testimonial to the networking equation:

Knowledge + Trust = Business Growth

Referrals will come naturally, as the other attendees at meetings get to know you and trust you. Only then are they likely to refer your business to their clients, friends and associates.

Are you new to networking, unsure of what to do, or nervous and apprehensive about attending? Don't worry, our Group Directors are on hand to help - to greet you, introduce you to others, and give you guidance on some of the dos and don'ts of networking. They will help you to become a great networker.

ebn membership is a valuable resource, and is one of the most cost effective ways of getting to the heart of the business community.

If you are serious about networking and wish to develop relationships with people who you know and can trust, without any of the pressures that are associated with some groups, come along and give us a try. There is no obligation to immediately join ebn.

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