How to Attend

If this is your first visit to the site, you may well be wondering how you can register and attend. If so, here is what you do:

Breakfast Meetings

    • Select a Group (e.g. Basildon, Southend, etc).
    • Contact the Group Director for that group to express your interest in attending.
    • Write it in your diary.
    • Set your alarm the night before.
    • Arrive on time, ensuring that you take your business cards.
    • Pay on the day by cash; a receipt will be issued.
    • Network and enjoy your breakfast.
    • Come back for every meeting.

Visitors can attend up to three ebn meetings before deciding whether to join. The annual membership fee is £245.

That's it really, but it pays to follow the philosophy of one of our Members:

See more people... do more business!

Membership to the Effective Business Network is subject to our terms and conditions, available from

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