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Release Date: 16/01/2017

Members of ebn (effective business network) were given advice on staying safe while on the go by Richard Mitchener of Combat Academy Chelmsford.

Today's technology, being more mobile than ever before, gives us immediate access to our business while on the move. From a personal safety perspective, take a look at how many people walk along with their phones in their hands.

Richard said: "It's worth considering removing the incentive for a robbery/attack. Would you walk down the road with the cash value of your phone in your hand? Unlikely!

"If you need to text or email, stop, put your back against a wall, deal with the response, then securely replace your phone in a bag or pocket before continuing with whatever you were doing."

Richard added: "Most people have heard of the 'fight or flight' reaction in a confrontational situation. However, the brain will often 'freeze' in an attack and Combat Academy Chelmsford classes will help you develop a 'learned response' to avoid this."

ebn member Allison Lagdon, of All on Beauty, said: "Although self defence is something you hope you'll never need to use, knowing simple measures to help keep yourself safe is invaluable. It's not just about learning to fight; it's about awareness, too, and making sure that you don't put yourself in a vulnerable position."

Richard is a member of ebn Baddow Group, which meets every other Friday at Pontlands Park Hotel. More information on ebn Groups, including the Baddow Group, can be found at

ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley said: "ebn members not only build good contacts to help grow their businesses but also receive regular, free advice from experts to help them meet both their business and personal needs."


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More information:

ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley on 07780 666726

Richard at Combat Academy Chelmsford on 07798 628207

Allison at All Is On Beauty on 07729 225351

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