Networker launches new look LinkedIn course.

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Release Date: 26.06.17

Networker launches new look LinkedIn course.

Member of ebn (Effective Business Network) Lesley Morrissey, of Inside News in Chelmsford, has revamped her 'LinkedIn as a Lead Generator' video course, to help businesses get the most out of LinkedIn.

Lesley realised that few people use much of what they learn on workshops and webinars, and she has broken down LinkedIn into 15-minute video tutorials covering: how to optimise your profile; how to manage your relationships effectively; how to find the right connections for your business; how to track down journalists looking for good stories; and how to use the tools to attract potential clients.

The course features nine video tutorials, all with comprehensive notes, and each one has an assignment attached.The aim is to give participants a small amount of work to do that doesn't take long – and still get significant results.

Lesley said: "LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft in December 2016 for $26.2 billion, and in February 2017 people logged in and discovered LinkedIn had had a facelift!

"Things looked different and functionality was different; people's comfort zones had been challenged.If you only use LinkedIn occasionally, you may not even have noticed, but regular users were 'outraged'!

"I wanted to make LinkedIn accessible to even sole proprietors, so I've kept the price down and my network members are already telling me that it's a bargain at £47!People get my email and phone contact information, too, and I'm always happy to answer questions."

The 'LinkedIn as a Lead Generator' programme can be seen on

ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley said: "ebn members not only build good contacts to help grow their businesses, but also get regular advice from experts to help them meet both their business and personal needs.

Both ebn Chelmsford and ebn Baddow Groups meet on alternative Fridays at the Pontland Park Hotel, and more information can be found at


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ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley on 07780 666726
Lesley Morrissey of Inside News Ltd on 01245 473296

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