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Name: David Cotterill


Phone: 07841 437951

Mobile: 07841 437951

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Company: The Change Agency

Job title: Transformative Mindset Coach & Mentor

Type of business: Transformative Coaching for Business Owners


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David is a member of the following groups: Witham

About David

When it comes to your role as a business owner and the primary provider for your family and the ones you love, what value do you put on your physical health and mental wellbeing?

I understand the pressures of business because I suffered stress and anxiety to the degree that I had to give up the work I loved and get out altogether. The trouble was I took the stress with me and found that it wasn't the work that was the problem but my mindset about work that had me trapped.

So I qualified as a professional Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist learning from the best in the business so that I could help people like you to stay in the game and be happy making their living doing what they love.

I've helped many people, but when I found that results we got from traditional techniques were inconsistent that worried me and led me to find out why that was.

My training had helped me to understand how counseling and therapy had helped people for generations but those methods were proving to be not so effective in the modern fast-paced information-rich world of business.

So when I discovered a new understanding of how the mind works in relation to our experience of life I committed myself to learning more about this and consequently I have created a professional health-based personal coaching service for business owners who want to learn how to think clearly, flow effortlessly and not be ruled by their emotions.

As a business owner and leader I will help you to get clarity of mind – clear thinking, emotional maturity, better performance and bigger results. You and your family deserve the best.

I work exclusively with highly motivated individuals including owners, directors and CEO's.

How does this work?

Exceedingly pressurised business roles typically come with their own unique set of challenges. The associated loneliness and hard work often lead to a lack of motivation and clarity going forward, both professionally and personally.

Confusion, stress or anxiety become apparent; you feel stuck in the mud and cannot see the wood for the trees from the demanding nature of business life.

I work with professionals with an objective of better performance and bigger results in business and life through facilitating clarity of mind, thoughts and direction.


It's a mixture of my personal experience and the training from trusted mentors that has equipped me gaining the skills necessary to guide my clients in obtaining the life they desire.

My approach is based upon helping clients to properly use the three elements that make up everybody's psychological experience which are the process of thinking, personal awareness and gaining a practical, working understanding of this thing we call 'mind', because it is in this inner space that it all happens.

What to expect

I offer a free explorer session as a complementary taster. This can be over the phone, on Skype or in person.

I don't dwell on your past. We assess the situation in the present, what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

You have the capability within you to achieve everything you set out to accomplish.

You start in business with enthusiasm and clarity to build a fulfilling and rewarding life, a clear goal.

I work with you to explore the challenges, understand what hasn't worked and what we can do to reach your targets. We purely concentrate on you so you can attain freedom.

So, are you the governor of your business or is your business running you?

Time to take control.I run regular training and coaching, specialising in understanding the nature of thought, feelings and the Principles behind any major life change project.Please visit my website at

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