Penny Allard

Name: Penny Allard


Phone: 01702 593075

Wild Bookkeeping Ltd
Company: Wild Bookkeeping Ltd

Job title: Director

Type of business: Bookkeeping Services


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Penny is a member of the following groups: Southend

About Penny

Are your business finances keeping you awake at night? Are you struggling to find time to work on your business and be with your family? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need me, a bookkeeper with years of experience.

Do you need sound advice above and beyond the numbers? Do you want to be held to account? Do you love the adrenalin buzz of running your own business? Do you need flexibility? Then I can help.

Keeping accurate accounts that will give you the information you need to run your business takes time. We want to give you back that time, so that you can rediscover the joy and sense of freedom in business ownership.

I started bookkeeping when I was 13. My father ran his own business, a wallpaper and paint shop. I started out in the shop every day after school writing up the sales ledger for the trade customers and keeping the purchase ledger and cash book up to date.

When I finished school, I took a training post with a local accountant and later moved into industry. I found I preferred working in a business, looking at the day to day transactions rather than year end work once everything was finished.

I started my own bookkeeping practice because it was always important to me to be at home for my children as they grew up. Family has always and will always be important and I love being able to give my team the ability to never miss a sports day or nativity play. You have to work hard to gain this flexibility, but it is worth it to be there for those important moments.

As my children grew up, I was able to find more time to spend enjoying my passion for open water swimming and sailing. My life follows the tide. Quite literally. When it's in, I'm out and when it's out, I'm in. It's as simple as that. Which means I understand the need for true flexibility and place this at the heart of my business.

My business grew and I took on staff, so Wild Bookkeeping was born. Wild Bookkeeping is a firm of independent spirits who offer true flexibility of service. Why? Because we seek out flexibility and freedom for ourselves and our clients. We understand the need for true flexibility and place this at the heart of our business.

Bookkeeping is a skill, and we have over 30 years of experience, so you are in safe hands when you choose to work with us. We want to go on your journey with you.

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