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Running in mind
Company: Running in mind

Job title: Running and personal coach

Type of business: Practical and Psychological based coaching in both running and business


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About Richard

I made a decision just before lockdown, during an NLP Master practitioner course, to bring my two main areas of coaching (personal and running) together to form one business. Although due to COVID that process has been longer than I had expected, I feel as if I have now transitioned into my new world and my work now falls into 3 main areas:

Personal coaching: mainly for athletes to deal with everything that can happen away from the road, track or trails. There could be any number of subjects from 'I get nervous before races' to 'my recent break up is really affect my ability to focus on training'. All are equally important and can directly or indirectly affect an athlete's ability to perform at their best.

Training programmes: I write personalised training programmes for runners who generally fall into two areas. They are either new to running or have signed up for a big event and need some help with their training. Or, they are more experienced athletes who require some support, often over a longer term, to take them to a higher level.

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator): This is a personality profiling tool. I am a qualified practitioner in Steps 1 and 2 and have started to collaborate with a friend and ex-colleague to promote this in more detail. We can either do 1-1 feedback sessions for people who have competed the MBTI online questionnaire. Or we work with groups of people who may be looking at personality profiling as a development tool or team building exercise along with a number of other modules which we are due to launch next year.

Previously I worked for John Lewis for a long time, and for a good period of that in training and development and coaching type roles. My last role being in head office delivering management training and working as an internal coach. I took redundancy in 2017 following a large re-structure of the Personnel function and for the last few years have enjoyed the opportunity to work for myself, do something different and meet some new people and work with new clients.

I became Group Director at EBN Colchester in October 2019 and am enjoying the challenge of developing the group, particularly through the challenging circumstances we have had to endure during the Corona virus pandemic.

I am a runner myself and have run 17 marathons (although I've slowed down a bit of late). As well as my private work, I also coach the top group at Colchester Harriers as a volunteer and also do some work with a fabulous community club called Running Colchester.

I live in Colchester and have a wonderful 8 year old daughter called Olivia.

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