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Name: Lesley Morrissey

Email: lesley@insidenews.co.uk

Phone: 01245 473296

Mobile: 07919177653

Inside News Ltd
Company: Inside News Ltd

Job title: Reputation & content marketing specialist

Type of business: Marketing

Website: www.insidenews.co.uk

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Lesley is a member of the following groups: Brentwood , Rainham

About Lesley

What is reputation marketing?

It's all about taking control of what people say about you - in other words influencing gossip!

This means you need to know what you want people to say about you and about your services or products - and who they should be talking to.

  • Step one is knowing who you want to reach.

  • Step two is knowing where they are likely to 'hang out'

  • Step three is getting your message on target so it will encourage them to take action

  • Step four is having an integrated plan to use your website, blog, social media and email to influence them effectively

  • Step five is ticking the boxes to get them to RAVE about you.

How do you get people to RAVE?

Take control of your Reputation so people are getting positive messages about you and your business.

Become an Authority in your industry, becoming the 'go-to' person or thought-leader when people mention your area of specialism.

Develop and maintain Visibility so people see and remember you.

Show off your Expertise.by sharing your knowledge in the places your ideal clients are looking, so they see how good you are and feel confident in engaging you and recommending you to others.

I help small business owners to do all this either as a contracted copywriter, a retained marketing service or as a mentor (if they join my mentoring programme).

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