Abhay Samel

Name: Abhay Samel

Email: abhay.samel@digitaas.com

Mobile: 07412148874

Digitaas Ltd
Company: Digitaas Ltd

Job title: Director

Type of business: Digital Transformation and BPMS Solutions

Website: www.digitaas.com

ebn groups:

Abhay is a member of the following groups: Ipswich

About Abhay

I am a Production Engineer with more than 28 years of experience in business process management, Solutions and services delivery. I have been a LEAN Practitioner for the last 10 years managing Continuous Improvement programs, designing, and improving business processes, for a large multi-national organisation.

At DigiTaas, we help organisations, typically SME organisations to optimise their business performance. We help businesses reduce operational costs, maximise efficiencies, ensure asset performance and improve customer experience using Digital Transformation.

We do this by:

  • Automating
    every aspect of your business and cutting out time-intensive, repetitive tasks. Automating routine system-to-system and straight-through processes to boost employee
    productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Minimising bottlenecks by deploying a scalable, repeatable process that can be adjusted as demand dictates.

  • Eliminating manual workarounds in Excel and email and minimising the use of spreadsheets by digitalising and compartmentalising your key data.

  • Improve the customer experience by ensuring processes are aligned and built around the
    needs of your customers.

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