Carina Lewis

Name: Carina Lewis


Phone: 07585 776166

Mobile: 01702 742161

Cakefully Heaven
Company: Cakefully Heaven

Job title: Baker/Caterer

Type of business: Baking


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Carina is a member of the following groups: Southend

About Carina

My name is Carina and my story starts at the age of four years old when my Grandmother inspired me to bake cakes and biscuits. It was her inspiration, at such a young age, that is the backbone of everything I do today. After graduating from culinary school, I have had a long and enjoyable career in various professional kitchens. This then inspired me to start producing recipes for my customers today, many of whom have been coming back to me for several years now, who require allergy free cakes and biscuits as well as everyday cakes.

Producing recipes for bespoke cakes, biscuits and desserts for my clients is all about the right combinations of ingredients to guarantee all of their dietary needs are covered.

Some of our clients have very severe allergies, and we work with them very carefully when planning a recipe. We are mindful of how special it is for them to be able to enjoy our food knowing that their dietary needs have been taken care of.

At Cakefully Heaven we always go that extra mile to find the correct and best ingredients for all our clients and all our creations are made with love.

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