Emma McNally

Name: Emma McNally

Email: emma.mcnally72@gmail.com

Phone: 01245 658322.

Mobile: 07796796198

Achieve Your Greatness Ltd
Company: Achieve Your Greatness Ltd

Job title: Director and NLP Trainer

Type of business: NLP Training School

Website: www.achieveyourgreatness.co.uk

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Emma is a member of the following groups: Chelmsford

About Emma

Emma McNally is the director and founder of Achieve Your Greatness Limited which is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training School and she is also the Essex ANLP (Association of NLP) Ambassador. With over 25 years business experience, she provides the stepping stones for individuals, as well as businesses, to enable them to transform from good to exceptional by providing them with the tools, insights and skills to improve performance and reach their potential. The methodology she uses is based on the study of excellence - of modelling others who are exceptional in their field so that you can have the same incredible results within your businesses and personal lives.

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Twitter: @emmaRmcnally

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Facebook: Achieve Your Greatness

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