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Release Date 03.04.2017

Members of ebn (effective business network) were given free advice when Ashley Bishop, of Ashley Bishop Coaching Ltd, gave a talk on neuroscience and how to take back control.

Ashley shared tips which are aimed at not taking up a great amount of time or effort, but which can still have a huge impact on your life.

Ashley said: "Take a ten-minute break. When you are living life in the fast lane at 100 mph, you actually give your brain permission to take over. A simple way to take back control and notice what is actually going on in your life is to slow down and take a break. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it slows you down and give you the headspace to think.

"Drink more water. YES, this is common sense; however, for most people, it is not common practice. Hydration is important because your brain relies on being hydrated to function at its best; your brain is also the first part of you to become dehydrated.

"Get more and better quality sleep. Most busy people I work with have very poor quality sleep, because they go to bed with their brains still buzzing as they haven't switched off. This is because there is no down time for the brain to relax before bed. Think about your evening pre-bedtime routine and look towards having no technology activity for 30 minutes before bed.

"With better quality sleep, you will feel better in the morning. However, we really need to wake up both our brain and body, and prepare them for the day ahead. Spending five to ten minutes stretching and focusing on your breathing will help to get you focused and ready to have a successful day.

"Spend the first ten to 20 minutes of your working day planning out and preparing for the working day ahead. Grab a pen and paper and write down all of the day's tasks. Then prioritise them, from most important to least important; finally do any necessary preparation, so that you have the ability to get the tasks done more quickly."

Ashley added: "To find out in more detail what is going on in your head, and how to start getting into the right headspace for a more productive work life, please visit"

Ashley is a member of the ebn Braintree Group, which meets every other Wednesday at the White Hart Hotel. More information on ebn Groups, including Braintree, can be found at

ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley said: "ebn members not only build good contacts to help grow their businesses but also get regular, free advice from experts to help them meet both their business and personal needs."


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ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley on 07780 666726
Ashley Bishop, of Ashley Bishop Coaching Ltd, on 01787 476541

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