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Release Date: 08/05/2017

Members of ebn (Effective Business Network) were given free advice when Neill Boatman, of Image On, gave tips on designing one's brand.

The logo is the main visual representation of a company's branding. It is the face of the company – often the first thing people see and the main thing they remember.

Neill said: "We all recognise iconic logos; that's the whole point, so it's worth investing time on creating the perfect logo that will stick in people's minds. Remember… you love your company, but if you're not around you need to rely on other people being able to speak for your brand. In short, the logo/brand is your DNA!

"With a logo, simplicity reigns! You don't want it too busy. Easy to look at makes it easier to process; that way, customers appreciate it, and the more they appreciate it the more we like it. Ideally, no more than two or three colours work the best, and try to consider colours that reflect the market you are in.

"In the past, creating an effective logo was a single consideration but, with today's many media outlets and communication processes, we not only have to come up with a design and colours, we have to look at each potential application and if the final result works. In many cases, corporations build into their brand guidelines assorted options to clearly state how and where their brand can be used.

"Stationery, brochures, flyers, merchandise, website, social media, email and other marketing items all play a part in getting your brand noticed, especially since your prospects and customers will be interacting with them directly. So, be sure that you have a definitive approach to how your brand can and will be used."

Neill added: "Your branding will factor into your company's success. Invest the time into getting it right. People will then associate with a brand and have positive feelings with it. It then becomes easier to draw them in and keep them engaged.

Neill is a member of ebn Baddow and Hornchurch Groups. More information on ebn Groups, including Baddow and Hornchurch, can be found at

ebn Managing Director Glenys Chatterley said: "ebn members not only build good contacts to help grow their businesses but also get regular, free advice from experts to help them meet both their business and personal needs."


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