Selling through the room

I was talking to a contact recently and used the phrase “Selling through the room”  They said they did not know what this meant. I realised that, in any industry, we use jargon that we assume others understand, and I had just fallen into that trap.

I have a belief that responsibility for successful communication is with the person doing the communicating.  I had used “selling…” phrase before and have assumed that the person I was talking to understood the jargon. So, in the past week, I have reviewed all my presentations on networking, my blogs, my postings and the notes I use when having a 1-2-1.  I have made a commitment to taking jargon out of my communication, or at least not assuming everyone understands the jargon being used.

Someone happy to ask the question “What does that mean?” has really helped me to improve my communication.

And, by the way, the phrase “Selling through the room” means doing business with the contacts of people you meet, not necessarily the contact themselves.

How do you deal with jargon?

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  1. Dallas Willcox on

    As a copywriter, I am very conscious of avoiding the use of jargon. Whether one is using a written communication or speaking to someone at a business networking meeting (an ebn meeting, of course), remember to KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!


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