Not sure I’d want a new, full time, job at 74

Recently, I have been watching anything I can relating to the coronation of King Charles III. Now, some may be surprised by this, because I am that odd mix of Socialist and Royalist which can get a bit confusing, but I’m happy to explain it to you if ever we are sitting eating cake and chatting. I was not always a fan of Prince Charles but I have come to admire him through his actions over the last few years.

Full disclosure, I have not met the King—though I did get a Christmas card off him for a few years when I was involved in the Prince’s Trust—but we have never sat and chatted about his life and work. Everything that follows is based on perception rather than insider knowledge, but you guessed that right? I have always thought that his has been the longest apprenticeship ever known and that has been fabulous, because it meant that our beloved Queen was still there doing what, I think, she did magnificently.

It has seemed to me that. like all good apprenticeships, he has learnt from others, had the chance to have a go at some of the more straightforward jobs (I’m thinking foreign visits where my perception is you have to take some of the workload of the monarch, smile, eat unusual foods and try not to cause a diplomatic incident). Slowly his role has increased and last year he opened Parliament on behalf of his mum and…didn’t he do well?

Then, after 70 years of being head of this wonderful country and the Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II died and it was turn for him to do the job. We have already seen some changes and I am sure there will be others. I have reconciled myself a long time ago to the fact that we have a Queen Camilla and in part that was for two reasons. The first that she obviously makes him happy, they are in love and, because I know how that feels I would never begrudge that to anyone, and the other reason is that the late Queen thought it was a good idea and I trusted her opinion.

However, as I approach 70 (yes, I know I look fantastic, thank you) I am looking for new adventures that do not include responsibility, alarm clocks or diaries. I am giving up the last vestiges of being a responsible adult are being kissed goodbye and I’m thinking of buying a motorbike

and sidecar. So, I wish our new King well. I hope he lives long and does the things he has wanted to do and wants to do and that he enjoys the new job. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to start a new full-time job at 74, but anytime he needs some help with networking, I will make myself available. I’m that kind of person and that’s what networking is all about.

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Have fun,