It’s all about respect for others.

Recently I ventured out and started to return to face-to-face networking with people other than my ebn Groups. I am wary because, at the moment, I’m a bit unsure about meeting people I don’t know well. So, a few weeks ago I went to an exhibition for an hour, wore my mask and kept my distance, particularly from those people who wanted to stand very, very close to me.  Then last week I went to a small networking event, and it was great. I took my mask with me, just in case I felt the need and I tried to remain mindful of distance. It all seemed familiar but a bit strange, then I realised that it was all about respect for others and that has never changed.

So what has stayed the same? Previous to all the malarkey we have been going through we didn’t crowd each other, we to a certain extent took our lead from others and wanted to be respectful of others. I have experienced instances where that respect has been in evidence and some where it has not! So, let’s look at some of these latter occasions, and all of them have happened to me:

  • People charging into a conversation, pushing cards, or leaflets in everyone’s hand and then moving on to their next ‘contact’,
  • Spraying bits of food around as people tried to eat and talk at the same time. (Worst case was the person I call ‘vol-au-vent man’),
  • People using inappropriate language, perhaps thinking they were with mates rather than contacts,
  • People looking at their phones while talking to you and—my particular favourite (not)—people who look around rather than at you when they are talking to you.

So, times may be different but respect for others has not changed. So, let’s all just be aware and build our future by making and maintaining new contacts.

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Have fun


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