What is networking all about?


Networking is a means of meeting people and building relationships. Once relationships are strong then work will flow, but remember it is not about what work can be done between the people in front of you…that is probably very little. However none of us live in a bubble, we all know people and we all have customers. It is about who do we know, who do they know, and what work can flow from these connections. That’s what makes networking exciting; as you walk into a networking event you could meet someone who could change your life by the amount of business they give you.

So, is it just about getting business? No it’s not. I believe that ultimately that is what we network for but what we may find:

  • Confidence:  the more you do it the easier it should get, because you will hone your skills and each type of group allows you to hone different skills.
  • Skills:  how to talk to people about your business. Each event will provide different ways of telling people about your business, but in my experience all events include “open networking”.
  • Meeting people who have a wealth of experience in their field. In my experience people are generous with their knowledge. The challenge is always to learn, whilst not expecting people to endlessly give for free. I have found the more referrals I have given the more people are prepared to share their knowledge.
  • A network of people who do things. So if you, or one of your customers or friends, needs a plumber for example,  you will know one. Or you will know someone who knows one, and just think if  you help potential or existing customers  source suppliers what happens when they need what you do? They come to you.
  • Friends. Over the years I have made many friends through networking and attended some good social events…but that is not why I network. Networking is ultimately about getting work.

If you want more networking tips go to: https://blog.ebn.uk.com/tips-on-networking.html

Have fun.

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