Mandy Baker

Name: Mandy Baker


Phone: 07946 377970

Mobile: 07946 377970

The Zone Club
Company: The Zone Club

Job title: Wellbeing Coach

Type of business: Wellbeing For You & Your Business


ebn groups:

Mandy is a member of the following groups: Brentwood , Shenfield

About Mandy

Personal Clients - improve wellbeing through an online membership of The Zone Club - build motivation and confidence to achieve their goals. Whether you want to improve your overall wellbeing, manage your weight, get fitter or build your business or career, The Zone Club can help you. Daily inspiration and a library of online videos & teaching to learn more about how to get the most out of yourself, and build a powerful mindset

Imagine what you could achieve by having access to a Coach 24/7?

The Zone Club is Gym Membership For Your Mind - treat your mental health in the same way you would your physical health - the more proactive you are in maintaining good mental resilience, the better you are able to cope with what life throws at you.

Visit to learn more or visit my Facebook Page @thezoneclubwithmandybaker and Facebook Group @thezoneclubFREEgroup

Business Clients - online wellbeing programmes, simple to set up and maintain, with additional services or bespoke programmes for businesses who care about their people.


Instagram @thezoneclubwithmandybaker

Also Group Director of EBN Shenfield

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Twitter: @InsightCoach13


Facebook: @thezoneclubwithmandybaker

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