Name: Sabrina Thompson


Phone: 07587861597

Mobile: 07587861597

Company: Gaya Holistic Centre Ltd

Job title: Doula (Birth Companion)

Type of business: Pscychotherapist


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About Sabrina

Sabrina Thompson is a psychologist member of the British Psychological Society able to work with the Hypnobirthing method for pain relief in labour and birth accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. She is a doula and a certified Ayurvedic therapist recognised by APA (Ayurveda Practitioners Association). She is deeply committed to psychological, physical and spiritual wellness, therefore her focus is pregnant women and women recovering from aesthetic surgeries or C- sections. Sabrina is specialised in pre- and postnatal treatments and her techniques include: lymphatic drainage, radio frequency, surgery recovery (designed for C- sections or traumatic birth experiences), regain of physical shape after pregnancy or aesthetic surgeries.

She has served many women as an experienced Birth Companion also supporting pregnant women since their first stages of pregnancy until the final stages of their recovery.
Sabrina holds a professional insurance for all her practices and is constantly improving her knowledge with courses and readings in order to give to her clients the best treatment.

Personal Life: Sabrina is Nicolas' mom and after her own pregnancy she became fascinated with the idea to empower women through pregnancy and support their decisions. She understands the importance to connect both body and mind experiences and she is always seeking the newest techniques in her practice. She is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but spent most of her life in São Paulo where she did her degree studies in Psychology and master degree at UNICAMP (Campinas University).

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